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What is after about?



Okay I haven’t read the book myself since its very long but I have read a little of it to see what the hype was all about. Basically its a very successful book on wattpad and has been published and offered a movie deal. I don’t think there’s much harm in having it on wattpad, there’s many similar books to it on there and on the web.

My problem is it being made into a movie, it’s bad enough that it’s considered one of the best fanfiction when it is not, it portrays Harry in a bad light, After is not a love story.

It’s about a girl who is physically, mentally, and emotionally abused by a boy, who everyone will see as Harry Styles. Whether or not the name is changed, everyone will know who its originally about, and we can’t have him portrayed as that. If you were a real fan, you would not read this book, buy it or watch the movie. 

It’s out of control and I’m angry that Anna Todd is taking advantage of the fans and making money off one direction. This is going to bring nothing but bad press and pr, it’s all going downhill from here. I can’t see one positive about it.

It’s basically 50 shades of gray: teenage version

to add:

romanticizing abuse is not okay. period. whether it’s verbal or physical, having a dominant individual push another into places they don’t want to be and advocating it as “sexy” and a “turn on” is disgusting. millions of people around the world struggle with situations like this and worse every day, and all of a sudden part of our modern society thinks it’s fine to manipulate that into a profit in social media. just because the abuser is attractive doesn’t excuse the acceptance and encouraging of such “art.”

and originating that abuser with harry? honestly, what the hell is wrong with part of our fandom. what you crave is your own business, i’m not trying to infringe upon those boundaries. but once it’s reached a level where a movie is involved, it just reflects how little the boys actual lives matter to some people in contrast to what they do as some imaginary sex gods with no personal feelings. think about what harry’s going to have to go through when and if this movie is going to be released. think about all the bullshit magazines and networks are going to jump at because this dark film originated with the idea of him, think about the band as a whole and think about yourself. 

if you’re so caught up in this literature that you can’t see what’s wrong with it, think about yourself and how you’d feel if you were in harry’s position. imagine the headlines you’d wake up to every day. “Y/N: Professional Singer or Abuser?” “Beating Out Records and Blood” “Disgusting” “Filthy” “Violent and Dangerous.”


There is your goddamn fanfiction.